: If new FAANG isn’t to your liking, here’s a grouping called BEEF

There’s nothing like a good acronym to organize the minds of investors.

MarketWatch recently profiled a variant of FAANG, referring to fuel, agriculture, aerospace, nuclear and gold, that has surged in value in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Here’s another one: BEEF.

From Fundstrat Advisors, that refers to:

Now, the BEEF acronym hasn’t had a strong a 2022 as the new FAANG, rising 10% mostly on account of the rise in oil prices, according to MarketWatch calculations using popular ETFs (and averaging out the bitcoin components). But over the last two weeks, the BEEF grouping has surged 16%.

So what’s the logic behind BEEF? “Energy supply is now a sovereign priority, this helps Energy stocks,” says Thomas Lee, head of research at Fundstrat. “Ukraine and Russia both want access to alternative currencies, this strengthens case for Bitcoin and bitcoin equities.”

“If [the] global economy slows, growth stocks lead, hence, FANG starts to lead.”

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