Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can heat market returns and cool portfolio concerns

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It’s time to overweight small caps as ‘they’ve come very close to pricing in recession’: RBC Capital

Small caps performance over the past year has been consistent with an economy that’s in recession, says strategist at RBC Capital. Read More

Plan now when to get back into stocks

It will be too late if you wait until a new bull market is declared. Read More

The good news is that the stock market’s valuation has improved markedly. But there’s bad news too

Stocks simply haven’t gotten cheap enough to warrant a revival of a bull market. Read More

Yes, the S&P 500 is climbing, but this is not yet a bull market

Reduce but don’t abandon that “core” bearish position in the stock market. Read More

Get in front of these three stock market sectors before they blossom into mainstream darlings

Onshoring, outer space and biotech will be as popular as apps, streaming and crypto are today. Read More

This bond ETF has the potential to become the king of fixed income ETFs. Here’s why.

Fixed-income ETFs set to see continued growth, says top industry watcher. Read More

Don’t write an obituary for NFTs yet — you might use them to attend a sports game or be served court papers

The hype around non-fungible tokens has died down. Practical use cases are just getting going. Read More

The good news on inflation that everybody missed

Whether you’re an inflation skeptic or getting ready to see your wealth shrink amid grocery bills, one purchase can help you navigate bond-market uncertainty. Read More

Success breeds excess: Make sure you own stock in companies where employees are competitive, not complacent.

Caring about workers is healthy for a business. Satisfaction with the status quo is not. Read More

The bill for easy money is coming due: Prepare for low and volatile returns — and maybe the long-delayed financial market reckoning.

To prosper, investors now need a tightrope walker’s surefootedness and a wad of cash, writes Satyajit Das. Read More

Here’s why you should buy junk bonds now: a compelling dividend yield and the potential for big gains

Investors are too pessimistic about their prospects. Read More

Energy and commodity prices will stay elevated amid the energy transition, says Invesco’s investment chief for value stocks

Costly infrastructure needs to be built as the world turns from fossil fuels to renewables. Read More

Vanguard adds an ‘impact fund’ that targets social and environmental change

Impact funds like Vanguard Baillie Gifford Global Positive Impact Stock Fund are a form of ESG funds. Read More

This new ETF buys the commodities that will power our carbon-free future

The Harbor Energy Transition Strategy ETF owns commodities futures including copper and aluminum instead of equities. Read More

Why the bond market should be given the benefit of the doubt

Bonds may receive a welcome respite in coming months. Read More

‘We’re really glad you made all these mistakes.’ This financial planner uses his five near-bankruptcies to help clients manage risk.

Investing and other risky ventures have to be done with intentionality, awareness and education, says adviser Rick Kahler. Read More

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